Website Performance Overview Dashboard


Client wanted to analyze the website's performance and its digital campaign overviews. The data was extracted from Google Analytics and Google Adwords. This dashboard suffices the requirement of Head of Digital Marketing and Marketing Head of the comapany.

Business Challenge

Manual Reporting:

Manually extracting data from Google Analytics and Adword used to consume nearly 3 to 4 hours on daily basis which is tedious task. Due to this analyst wasn't able to spend sufficient time on data analysis and provide insights and observations.


Klipfolio keeps amplifying its usefulness when it comes to expanding its integrations with available marketing data sources. It has remarkably reduced the amount of time spent on scheduled reporting while simultaneously increasing the relevance and accuracy of the data presented.
It suggests scalable solutions with right numbers to the client.


Klipfolio is cloud based platform for data visualization tool. Klipfolio has significant number of built-in data connectors including Google Analytics /Ad words, which allows us to extract data using the API connectors which eliminates the process of manual data extraction.


The client dashboards we've created has significantly reduced the amount of time spent, while increasing the accuracy of numbers and presenting the same through visually appealing dashboard. Klipfolio's flexible platform allows us to build scalable solutions.

High-Impact dashboard. Fast and affordable.

Starts at $1500